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The Best Commercial EVER Posted by on Nov 27, 2015

Wat is de beste reclame ooit? (What is the best commercial ever?) This question was posed at the 50th anniversary of the Ster Gouden Loeki this year. Normally, the best commercial of the year is chosen. Since last Wednesday, it was the 50th anniversary of Ster, the best commercial of all time was to be elected. The election process An…

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Campaigns in NL 4 – “Klein Bedrag, Pinnen mag!” Posted by on Jan 21, 2015

Pinnen (paying by debit/credit card) is very widespread in the Netherlands. There is even a verb for it! Pinnen comes from the word pinpas, which means debit card. This kind of payment got the honor of a verb of its own because it is used so much in the country. In many countries, there is an extra charge…

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Campaigns in NL 3 – Bob jij of bob ik? Posted by on Nov 26, 2014

Drunk driving is bad: Alcohol delays reflexes, diminishes focus and attention. Especially in traffic this is a big problem, because with drunk driving you also endanger other traffic participants. The Dutch government came up with a great campaign to reduce the temptation and make it socially unacceptable to drive under influence. Bob jij of Bob ik? is…

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Campaigns in NL 2 – Even Apeldoorn bellen! Posted by on Sep 28, 2014

Even Apeldoorn bellen! (just call Apeldoorn!) This slogan from the company Centraal Beheer Achmea spread through the Netherlands very quicklyafter its introduction in 1986. The campaign ads always had it in them. They were funny and memorable. One that I can remember very well was one where a family was on safari, and while they were…

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Campaigns in NL 1 – De scholen zijn weer begonnen! Posted by on Aug 19, 2014

This new series of posts, called “Campaigns Made in NL” is about campaigns and advertisements in the Netherlands that are so ingeburgerd (integrated in society) that everybody knows them. Some led to new verbs and other idioms. This week: schools started again! The campaign From now on, street corners are filled with signs, banners are spanned across…

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