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The Best Commercial EVER Posted by on Nov 27, 2015 in Culture

Wat is de beste reclame ooit? (What is the best commercial ever?) This question was posed at the 50th anniversary of the Ster Gouden Loeki this year. Normally, the best commercial of the year is chosen. Since last Wednesday, it was the 50th anniversary of Ster, the best commercial of all time was to be elected.

The election process

An independent panel chose the top 50, and a expert jury then chose the top 12, which you can find here – which one is your favorite?

My favorite is the stoplicht (traffic light) commercial. Genius! Another one that makes me chuckle is the Goeiemoggel one from KPN. Because of T9, and bad autocorrect, the employees in the commercial send misspelled emails all the time, which goes so far that they even talk like that!

I also very much like the Even Apeldoorn Bellen commercials, of which the Klok (clock) was in the top 12. They are always funny and good. See some of them below.

The top 12 consisted of spots from as early as 1983 (the Fiat commercial) up until 2012 (the Telfort commercial). Seven of them have previously received a Gouden Loeki for best commercial of the year.

So, the big question…

Wat is de beste reclame OOIT?

The Rolo commercial from the 90s!

It underlines their slogan “bedenk goed, wat je met je laatste rolo doet” (think twice what you do with your last rolo!), which is a play on the saying “elephants never forget”.

The commercial from 1996 was already very successful back in those days, as many people can still today finish the sentence “bedenk goed, wat je met je laatste…

The Netherlands often has funny commercials, I think!

What about your country? Any funny commercials? Leave a comment below!!!

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