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What do Dutch athletes have in common? Peanut butter! Posted by on Aug 1, 2018

Peanut butter or pindakaas is part of Dutch culture. You put it in your sandwich, you use it as a sauce for your chicken (thank you Indonesia!), and you invoke it in a very used expression: helaas pindakaas. But did you know this delicious peanut treat is also involved in sports? Calvé Pindakaas For over 100 years, Calvé…

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Dutch Skaters and the 2018 Winter Olympics Posted by on Feb 21, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea have started and the Dutch have been on alert! The Netherlands sent 33 competitors to this year’s games and the results have been fabulous! As of today, the Netherlands has won 13 medals including 7 gold, 6 silver, and 4 bronze. All of these medals have…

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