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Curious Words in Dutch 5: Eekhoorntjesbrood Posted by on Nov 7, 2019

Yesterday, Karoly wrote about paddestoelenseizoen  (mushroom season) in the Netherlands. A wonderful time of the year, with some delicious recepten (recipes) and maaltijden (dishes). And while mushrooms have some weird names like hanekam (literally “cockscomb”, chanterelle mushrooms), oesterzwam (oyster mushroom) or hoorn van overvloed (horn of abundance), there is one that is really quite curious: Eekhoorntjesbrood! Previous posts in this series: Curious Words In…

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Music in Dutch: André van Duin Posted by on Sep 22, 2017

Fall has begun and we are enjoying some unusual sunny days in the Netherlands! Temperatures are expected to reach 19 degrees Celsius (67 degrees Fahrenheit) this weekend which means lots of terrace time! In light of this lovely weather, I have chosen a song in Dutch by André van Duin that made it back to…

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Posted by on Oct 23, 2014

This past weekend was one of the warmste days in October since record keeping began. Temperatures reached a high of 23 degrees Celsius (around 73 degrees Fahrenheit). After a couple of days of rain and cooler temperatures, the warm sunny weekend was very much welcome. The zonnige weekend was the beginning of fall break, and…

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Record-High Rainfalls in the Netherlands Posted by on Jul 29, 2014

Yesterday, the Netherlands was hit by a huge storm with severe rainfall. A weeralarm (weather alert) in the stage code oranje (code orange) was announced in the provinces Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Brabant and Utrecht. This means that there is a chance of extraordinary weather coming with a greater chance of schade en ongevallen (damage and accidents). This turned out to be more than…

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Driest Spring, Wettest Summer Posted by on Sep 2, 2011

It is a regular conversation point to talk about the weather and now it seems there is a very good reason to do so. According to the national weather service, the KNMI, this summer was the wettest summer in the Netherlands since 1906. If your summer BBQ was rained out, it was probably because of…

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