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Food With Alessia 5 – Kapsalon Posted by on Nov 14, 2014

This time, we tried something different. In a way traditionally Dutch, but with a lot of new cultural influences… Not old tradition, but new additions! The kapsalon. The Dutch kapsalon (barbershop) is a very rich dish. It includes veal (shawarma meat), fries, cheese, onions, and some lettuce and tomato to top it off. And all…

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Food With Alessia 4 – Uitsmijter! Posted by on Sep 27, 2014

It is lunchtime! So Alessia and I decided to have an uitsmijter. It is a dish comparable to the German Strammer Max, but transformed with Dutch ingredients. There are many variations, but we chose to make it traditionally: with Dutch brood (bread), kaas (cheese), ham (ham), and spiegelei (fried egg). Sometimes ontbijtspek (bacon) is used…

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Food With Alessia – Kibbeling! Posted by on Sep 20, 2014

Alessia and I are back! In the beautiful city of Maastricht in the far south of the Netherlands, we had some Kibbeling! Kibbeling is a traditional dish that was for the poor back in the days – how far it reaches back is not easy to establish. In the 19th century, it must have existed already, though, because…

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