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Food With Alessia 5 – Kapsalon Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Culture

This time, we tried something different. In a way traditionally Dutch, but with a lot of new cultural influences… Not old tradition, but new additions! The kapsalon.

The Dutch kapsalon (barbershop) is a very rich dish. It includes veal (shawarma meat), fries, cheese, onions, and some lettuce and tomato to top it off. And all that comes in a huge portion. Very fatty, fried and filling. But what about the origin of this strange combination?


In 2003, a Rotterdam hairdresser called the snackbar right next to him for his lunch. He had got tired of all the regular things, and asked to get a combination of shawarma meat and fries. One of his employees then offered to add the cheese and top it off with the vegetables. And this is what they got. For them, it became a little tradition.

People that went to the kapsalon to get their hair cut where surprised, and asked what the employees were having. As it did not have a name back then, the hairdressers had no idea, actually. All they could tell them was to stop by at the snackbar on the corner and ask for a kapsalon. Then they would know what to prepare!

From here on out, people started spreading the word, and the popularity even crossed the Dutch borders. You can now find the kapsalon in places all over the world, including Germany and even the United States.


Nowadays, you can find the kapsalon in the Netherlands mainly at snackbars that also offer snacks like Döner kebab, as it requires the same meat. You can even order it online. And its popularity is still on the rise…


The Kapsalon - rich with shawarma, fries, garlic sauce, cheese, and some salad

The Kapsalon – rich with shawarma, fries, garlic sauce, cheese, and some salad

What did Alessia think? Check it out in the video below.


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