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Creepy Buses in the Netherlands Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Culture

Halloween is the day of spoken and heksen and pompoenen and skeletten. Young and old dress up in een kostuum and walk around their neighborhood asking for snoep. I have great memories of Halloween throughout my life, and it is a day I really enjoy! Although in the Netherlands Halloween isn’t as big as in the U.S., I decided to dedicate this post to Halloween with scary children’s stories from the Netherlands.

Paul van Loon, born in April 17, 1955, is a Dutch children’s book writer. His style of writing combines scary stories with humor. In 2008, he was awarded the Orde van Oranje Nassau for his contributions to the Dutch culture. He has published over 100 books and is very well known in the Netherlands.

De Griezelbus is a series of books by van Loon. The story takes place in Kinderboekenweek and Group 7 of Tulip Elementary School is invited by the writer Onnoval to take to a ride in the Griezelbus. Onnoval will read a few stories from his collection; these stories are about items in the bus as well as Onnoval himself. Little do the children know that they are in what will become the ride of their lives.

In 2005, De Griezelbus was made into a movie. I am including the movie trailer, but don’t forget that the books are always better than the movie!




Halloween Vocabulary:

het spook– the ghost

de heks– the witch

de pompoen– the pumpkin

het skelet– the skeleton

het kostuum– the costume

de snoep– the candy

griezelig– creepy

het verhaal– the story

de schedel– the skull

het feest– the party

de kinderboekenweek- children’s book week

afschrikken– to scare

verkleden– to dress up


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