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You Heard Of Dutchman Aldies Ghoet-Koper? Neither Has He. Posted by on Mar 4, 2022

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Because he doesn’t exist! Aldies Ghoet-Koper is a fictional character created forever ago by Caz! radio – a radiostation (radio station) in the Netherlands. Listen to the fragment below. Why was this character created, though, and what’s so funny about this? Here are Dutch jokes with names. Aldi is cheaper It’s no secret that supermarkten (supermarkets) fight for our attention…

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3 Things You Have To Know About Broodjeaapverhalen! Posted by on May 23, 2016

You may have heard of them – Broodjeaapverhalen (Bread with monkey stories)! But maybe you haven’t! What is a broodjeaapverhaal? And why this weird name? What about a famous story? 1. What is a broodjeaapverhaal?  Broodje means a roll, or a bread, with something on it. This is the word that comes right after. So, a broodje kaas, like in…

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