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The Unchanged Dutch NYE Treat Posted by on Jan 4, 2021


Oliebollen – the tasty “oil balls” that is only eaten around oudejaarsavond (New Year’s Eve) in the Netherlands. We’ve discussed the fried dough treats before, as well as its companion, the appelflap. But we haven’t answered the question – who came up with them, and why is it only a tradition in the Netherlands? Today, we’ll uncover…

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Ke$ha’s Overrated: Ringing in 2011 with Queen, the Eagles, Meatloaf, Pink Floyd, U2, Golden Earring and Boudewijn de Groot Posted by on Jan 9, 2011

Pinpointing how exactly the Dutch like their pop music is not an exact science, except for in the days immediately preceding each Oud en Nieuw.  Starting on Christmas day, Radio 2 broadcasts what Dutch voters have designated as the Top 2000 songs of all time.  Number one airs as the last minutes of the old…

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