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You Heard Of Dutchman Aldies Ghoet-Koper? Neither Has He. Posted by on Mar 4, 2022

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Because he doesn’t exist! Aldies Ghoet-Koper is a fictional character created forever ago by Caz! radio – a radiostation (radio station) in the Netherlands. Listen to the fragment below. Why was this character created, though, and what’s so funny about this? Here are Dutch jokes with names. Aldi is cheaper It’s no secret that supermarkten (supermarkets) fight for our attention…

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Top 3 Dutch April Fool’s Jokes 2018! Posted by on Apr 2, 2018

1 april, kikker in je bil! (April 1, frog in your butt!) Every year, on April 1, people play pranks on each other – and 2018 is no different! And it is not just your brother, dad or neighbor that jokes with you, but also companies and news sources! In my opinion, the Dutch have a pretty great…

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The Joke’s on You: How to Make Funnies in Dutch Posted by on May 9, 2014

They may have a reputation for being conservative and straight-laced, but the Dutch like to laugh just as much as anyone else. Lachen is het beste medicijn, as they say. Here are some jokes you can tickle your Dutch friends’ funny bones with. Let the laughter (or eye rolling) begin! Advocaat tijdens een rechtszitting: ‘Tenslotte…

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