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Euro 2020: Oranje is Out :-( Posted by on Jun 28, 2021

Nederland is eruit! After a teleurstellende avond (disappointing evening) from the Nederlands elftal (Dutch national team), the Czechs continue and the Dutch are out of the Euro football championship. Here’s a little summary of the game in Dutch with an English translation, and some reactions from the Netherlands of the game. All posts in this series Euro 2020: Oranje…

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Dutch Children’s Books for Bookwormish Beginners Posted by on Jan 31, 2017

Dutch children's literature jip en janneke

Have a healthy appetite for reading, but your language skills aren’t quite ready for the great works of Dutch literature yet? Try starting slow with children’s books. Dutch literature has a rich and long-running tradition, despite the fact that it’s usually quite underappreciated in the English-speaking world. But for beginner and intermediate Dutch learners, the pearls of the Dutch…

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Pokemon Go but for Books Posted by on Sep 22, 2016

In Belgium and the Netherlands, there are alternatives for book lovers looking for a Pokemon Go-like experience! Aveline Gregoire, a teacher in Belgium, came up with the idea because she wanted to clean out his bookcase. Instead of selling the books, Aveline thought it would be a great idea to have a book-finding game inspired…

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A bus on water – the Waterbus! Posted by on May 30, 2014

In the Dutch west, to be exact in the surroundings of Rotterdam called the Rotterdam-Drechtsteden, the people have developed an interesting, peculiar way of transport. They call it the waterbus (water bus). It is, as its name suggests, a bus on the water. It is much like a regular ferry. The waterbus uses the OV-chipkaart, so you can…

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Dutch Language Book Review: Taal Is Zeg Maar Echt Mijn Ding Posted by on Jun 16, 2010

Taal Is Zeg Maar Echt Mijn Ding, door Paulien Cornelisse Paulien Cornelisse is a Dutch cabaret comedienne and author who writes and performs about the modern use of the Dutch language.  She wrote this absolutely hilarious book, “Taal is Zeg Maar Echt Mijn Ding,” and I just have to tell you all about it. The…

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Fokke and Sukke: who, what, when? Posted by on May 12, 2010

Fokke and Sukke, the two slightly chicken-like figures, entertain the readers of one of our most famous news papers, the NRC Handelsblad, loyal with their dry humor, day in, day out. They are two big icons in the Dutch culture, and often use political jokes as their theme. The two figures are created by John…

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How to Use Newspapers to Help You Learn Dutch Posted by on Apr 6, 2010

Now that you have all these newspaper resources from my last blog, you might be wondering how to start using this information.  There are many ways to use newspapers to further enhance your learning, but here are a few things I’ve done that helped me along the way: For Beginners If you’re a beginner, start…

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