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Dutch Bicycle Vocabulary Posted by on Aug 24, 2010

At some point while in the Netherlands your bicycle is going to break.  I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but it just happens.  Like the day that I had a job interview and ran over a piece of glass on Raadhuisstraat only to return to a completely flat tire.  In the…

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Preventing Your Dutch Bicycle from Being Stolen Posted by on Aug 23, 2010

Last month we talked about where you can buy a bicycle in the Netherlands and also described some of the many options and types of Dutch bicycles.  A rumor you may have heard is that bicycle theft runs rampant in this country.  That’s only a half-truth, but a truth nonetheless.  In any larger cities you…

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Geef Mij Maar Amsterdam Posted by on Aug 18, 2010

There are a lot of songs about Amsterdam. It’s basically it’s own special genre here and you can still here these songs a lot in little bars. Especially in the Jordaan.  This particular song is a classic. Can you hear the Amsterdam accent? It’s really something… Geef mij maar Amsterdam Dat is mooier dan Parijs…

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What and Where to Eat in Amsterdam Posted by on Aug 16, 2010

Amsterdam is filled with places to eat. From cheap and fast Febo, a Dutch fast-food chain, to high-end fancy French restaurants, this city has it all.  In fact, there are at least 1000 restaurants here, so the possibilities are endless. But what is one to do when faced with 1000 options?  For some reason many…

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Dutch Music: Onderweg, door Abel Posted by on Aug 13, 2010

This song was a big hit a few years ago, and you can see that with more than 2,000,000 hits on YouTube. It’s really very pretty to listen to, a bit sad, and the singer enunciates clearly (always helpful).  Below you will find the video and lyrics.  As always, try to sing along and pronounce…

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Sesame Street in Dutch: Sesamstraat Posted by on Aug 11, 2010

As a kid I was absolutely in love with Bert and Ernie.  They were my favorite characters from Sesame Street.  So what a pleasure it was to find out that Bert and Ernie spoke Dutch too!  And as it turns out, watching Sesame Street in Dutch is actually a great way to begin learning Dutch. …

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Kikker Posted by on Aug 9, 2010

A fun way to start learning the language is by beginning simple with children’s books.  The benefit of this is that you will start to see simple language structure in use and basic but vital vocabulary.  And it’s fun! A series of books I really like are the Kikker books by Max Velthuijs.  Kikker is…

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