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Dutch Bicycle Vocabulary Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 in Dutch Language

At some point while in the Netherlands your bicycle is going to break.  I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but it just happens.  Like the day that I had a job interview and ran over a piece of glass on Raadhuisstraat only to return to a completely flat tire.  In the pouring rain.  With no bicycle shops open because it was a Monday…so I walked home.  These are just the kinds of things that can happen unexpectedly, and it’s terribly helpful if you can walk into a bicycle shop and explain what your bicycle-related problem is.  Although, I must admit, generally pointing and grunting works too because those guys have changed a million flat tires.
So, without further ado, your bicycle-related Dutch vocabulary list.
the bicycle: de fiets
the saddle: het zadel
the brakes: de remmen
the handlebars: het stuur
the chain: de ketting
the tire: de band
the bicycle tire: de fietsband
the pedal: het pedaal
the light: het lampje
the bicycle bell: de fietsbel
the bicycle bag: de fietstas
the saddle bag: de zadeltas
the frame: het frame
It doesn’t work anymore.: Het werkt niet meer.
the accident: het ongeluk
the flat tire: de lekke band
too loose: te los
too tight: te strak
too high: te hoog
too low: te laag
to inflate: opblazen
to replace: vervangen
to adjust: aanpassen
to cycle: fietsen
the cyclist: de fietser
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  1. Victor:

    Don’t forget the ‘bagagedrager’!