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The Outsiders Posted by on Aug 26, 2010 in Dutch Language

The Outsiders are a band from Amsterdam under the leading role of Wally Tax. He started the band at the age of 12, in 1960. They mostly performed in Amsterdam, until they played at the concert of the Rolling Stone.

The Outsiders played in the starting program of the second performance of the Rolling Stones in Holland. The show took place in 1964 and was held in de Brabanthallen in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Their performance was a major success and Holland was at their feet.

The band already had a contract with the record OpARt label. They recorded the songs “You mistreat me” and “I love her still, I always will” which didn’t became hits. It did, however, got Willem Duys’ attention: the boss of the record company Relax. The next song under Duys, “Lying all the time” and the second single “Touch”, became great hits in the country. Other hits are “Keep on trying”, “Monkey on your back” and “Summer is here.”

The style of the Outsiders was rock-like and their first album covered not only songs recorded in the studio, but live performances as well. They were recorded on the 17th of February in 1967 in the Beatcentrum “De Schuur” in Breda. The Outsiders only needed one day to record the vinyl album, a record in Holland. After that they performed in the starting program of Chuck Berry in Paris.

Around 1968 the end of the band came in sight. They kicked the player Krabbendam out of the band in 1967 and half way 1668 Rammers left as well. They got replaced by Frank Beek and only made one more LP: Q. in 1969 the band changed their name to Tax Free.

The member of the Outsiders estranged from each other. They didn’t keep in touch until Jerome Blanes decided to write an official biography about them. This brought the group back together and a reunion tour came in 1997.

Wally Tax left the band after that and got replaced by Edwin de Boer. In 1998 a new album came out. In 2005 at the end of April Wally Tax died. It is still unknown what killed him, but it was likely an epileptic fit or an overdoses drugs.

The rest of the band is still together, but only performs a limited amount of shows a year.


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