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Why The Dutch Angle Is Not Related To The Dutch Posted by on Jan 22, 2018

There are many terms in the world of film and photo. For our purposes, one stands out, however: The Dutch angle. Why is it called that way, and is it even related to the Dutch? Let’s find out What is the Dutch angle? In cinematography, a Dutch angle is a filmtechniek (filming technique) where the horizon (horizon) is not…

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4 Things To Know About Maastricht Carnival! Posted by on Feb 9, 2016

1. The Vastelaovendsleedsje 2016 Every year, a Vastelaovendsleedsje (“Carnival song” in the Maastricht dialect) is chosen. This year, it is Confetti by the carnival band de Zes Köp (“The six heads” in the dialect). However, it is not played much during Carnival! Just today, while walking around  a few hours through Maastricht, I heard one song many times over: De Körk by Fabrizio: The text…

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Get Dragged into the Action of the Netherlands Film Festival Posted by on Oct 4, 2011

The Netherlands Film Festival 2011, a yearly event that allows the public and the industry to come together and concentrate on Dutch cinema, has just recently come to a close. I haven’t seen the figures for 2011 yet but in 2010, 382 films were screened, 154,000 people attended and 3 million people viewed the online…

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