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Warme Truiendag: Will You Join Us? Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Culture, News

Friday, February 5, it’s Warmetruiendag (Warm Sweater Day) in the Netherlands. I hope the video below will explain this better:


Bezoeker 1: Ik doe mee aan Warmetruiendag.

Bezoeker 2: Ja, ik doe zeker mee aan Warmetruiendag. Ik heb altijd de verwarming helemaal uitstaan en mijn kamer is altijd ijskoud.


Girl: Hee, daar is Warmetruienman!

Warmetruienman: Meedoen is heel simpel, en wil je erover facebooken, twitteren of instagrammen, gebruik dan #warmetruiendag.

Meld je nu aan op www.warmetruiendag.nl. Trek een warme trui aan en zet die verwarming een standje lager!


Stephan Brandligt: Jaarlijks doen er niet alleen veel mensen thuis mee, maar ook scholen, universiteiten, gemeenten, bedrijven en andere organisaties. Doe ook mee! Samen gaan we het klimaatprobleem te lijf!

Ok, this might have been confusing. The idea of Warmetruiendag is a bit like Earth Day, but instead of focusing on turning off the lights for one hour, Warme Truiendag focuses on turning down the heating a notch for a day (zet die verwarming een standje lager!). It aims at making people more conscious about the consequences of climate change, how simple it is to save energy and how rewarding it is to have a closer look at your energy bill.

The website claims that per 1 °C (1.8°F) that you turn down the heating, you save 6 % energy, and thus 6% CO2 emissions. If Warmetruiendag would be held every day, the annual energy consumption of a city like Amsterdam could be saved. 

Great, But What Can I Do?

Like meneer (Mr) Brandligt said, not only companies and organizations contribute, but also individuals. Since 2012, already 703,409 people have turned down their heating with at least 1°C (1.8°F) and wore a warm sweater that day. It is as simple as that, and you already take part! There are many things that you can do to contribute, from merely adding how much lower you will turn your heating to organizing an event to enthuse others to join in. You can even sow your own Warme Truiendagtrui with the instructions on the website. 

10th Anniversary

The idea originated in Belgium, where is is called Dikketruiendag (Thick Sweater Day), in 2005. In 2006, Klimaatverbond Nederland brought the idea to the Netherlands under the name Warmetruiendag. That means that this year, 2016, is the tenth anniversary of the Warme Truiendag!

In 2012, energy supplier Greenchoice joined as an organizer of the event. The company only supplies renewable energy. According to them, de groenste energie is de energie die je niet gebruikt! (the greenest energy is the energy that you don’t use!)

I will participate, and turn down my heating by at least 3°C next Friday!

What about you? Will you participate? You don’t have to be Dutch to contribute – click here to submit your contribution!

Are there similar events in your country? Do you think such events are important?

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