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Study more, study better, learn English faster: Transparent Language Tip Posted by on Apr 29, 2014

Transparent Language is a company that is passionate about helping language learners succeed. That is one reason we offer this (and many other) free blogs for learning specific languages. We also offer A LOT of other resources to language learners, which you can learn more about at www.transparent.com. Today I wanted to let you know…

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How to read more in English, everyday. Posted by on Apr 24, 2014

Learning a new language requires practice, a lot of practice. There are many ways to practice of course: taking/attending class, talking with other language learners, talking with native speakers, reading, learning online, watching movies or TV shows, and so on. Today I am going to provide you with a number of resources to help you…

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Aye, aye, captain. Posted by on Apr 22, 2014

Today’s post is all about the military; the different branches of the military in the United States, some history about the American military, and military related vocabulary.  To start I should let you know that I was a “military kid” or “military brat” growing up. “Military brat” is your first vocabulary word of this post. …

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American Easter traditions Posted by on Apr 17, 2014

This weekend will be Easter weekend for Christians around the world. It is a holiday celebrating the end of Lent and the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Easter, like many holidays in the United States, is a religious holiday, but also a cultural holiday. Today we are going to look at some…

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Diplomacy and working out conflicts Posted by on Apr 15, 2014

Diplomatic affairs have been in the news a lot lately, particularly related to the United States, Europe, and Russia, which makes it a great time to review some vocabulary related to international diplomacy, as well as words related to speaking in a diplomatic way. First let’s take a look at some vocabulary related to international…

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Yoda speak Posted by on Apr 10, 2014

My last post was about aliens in general, and today I have a post about one alien in particular, Yoda, a short green pointy-eared alien who is from the ‘Star Wars’ movies.  Here is a picture of Yoda, with a quote of his, in case you don’t know who I am talking about. Yoda has…

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English words from another world! Posted by on Apr 8, 2014

Whether you believe in life on other planets or not, today’s vocabulary is going to help you talk about this subject, understand movies about outer space, or read a science fiction story. So, let’s take a look at some “out of this world” vocabulary: science fiction (n) – this is make believe scientific ideas…

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