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Phrasal verbs and their opposites Posted by on May 31, 2020

Greetings, everyone! How’s life? A lot of people have been taking these unusual times we are living in as a chance to take a hard look at their lives and rethink their whole routines. Spending more time at home inevitably leads to dedicating more to our hobbies, exploring new ones or looking for ways to practice…

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Tune In to Broadcasting Vocabulary Posted by on May 28, 2020

A long time ago, I was a disc jockey. In fact, I was a broadcaster on two different continents. It was an odd job because I could spend hours on the air playing music, reading news, announcing the time as it passed by on my shift, reading the occasional advertisement – never really being sure…

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Arlington National Cemetery Posted by on May 21, 2020

Memorial Day is going to be very different this year. Parades are canceled. Those large community and family cookouts with horseshoe competitions and sack races are not going to happen. Baseball games and soccer matches are forbidden. Even the definition of national sacrifice has been forever altered. But the reason that we set aside the…

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Fun with English Words Posted by on May 14, 2020

Let’s have some fun, shall we? Wordplay is generally defined as the clever use of words and their meanings. Puns are the best examples of wordplay, I think. But, sometimes, just finding something unexpected in words can make you smile. There’s even a word for wordplay. It’s called logology, or recreational linguistics. So, let’s dig…

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Take Me Out Posted by on May 7, 2020

For those of us who have been social distancing for the better part of two months, it’s not unusual to spend some time imagining where we would like to go when this is all over. I commonly see the question, “Where will you go first?” on social media posts. But, as I let my fantasies…

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