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Using cards to negotiate in English Posted by on Jan 31, 2022

Everyone’s got their guilty pleasures and I have to admit that lately I have been super into binging legal dramas like Better Call Saul or Suits. One thing that caught my attention while watching (besides thinking how miserable I would be if I were a lawyer) is the amount of idioms related to playing cards…

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Words and Phrases for Winter Storms Posted by on Jan 27, 2022

There’s a winter storm heading my way this weekend. Based on early forecasts, it will be one of the biggest snowstorms to hit my state in years. If you don’t live in an area where these types of storms are common, you might think that this would be cause for alarm and concern. And, certainly…

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The Addictive Word Game – Wordle Posted by on Jan 21, 2022

Perhaps you’ve already discovered Wordle, the daily word game that is sweeping the English-speaking world. You may have seen the six rows of five squares in green, yellow, and white shared by your friends on various social media pages. It is now one of the most increasingly popular online games – and it deserves to…

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Phrasal Verbs Using To Come Posted by on Jan 13, 2022

If you combine a common verb with a preposition or an adverb, you create a verbal phrase. Many of the most typical expressions in English are verbal phrases, and you hear them all the time. We’ve devoted a lot of time to this subject, such as this blog by Carol. But a review of our…

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Let’s Talk About a Stick Posted by on Jan 6, 2022

Stick is an English word that can be both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it can be, as the image above implies, a dog’s toy that was once a part of a tree. It can also be another name for a billiard cue, a golf club, a baseball bat, a car’s gear…

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Top Google Searches in English in 2021 Posted by on Jan 3, 2022

Hi, everybody! Time to bid farewell to 2021 problems and welcome the New Year! Whatever the future holds in store for us, it’s always helpful to reflect on what has gone by. Did you spend a lot of time online this year?  With most countries still transitioning to new levels of normality with the emergence…

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