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Using ‘too’, ‘also’ and ‘as well’ Posted by on Feb 28, 2019 in English Grammar, English Language, English Vocabulary

Good evening to all! The year is going by too fast, don’t you think so? Me too!

The three terms too, also and as well in English are very similar, since they all express the idea of addition. But there are some nuances and differences that need to be taken into consideration when adopting each one. Today’s post will help you better undestand these distinctions. Looking forward to getting started? I am also ready to go!

First of all, let’s take a look at these sentences below:

  • I am not only tired, I am very hungry too.

  • I am not only tired, I am very hungry as well.

  • I am not only tired, I am also very hungry.

All of this sentences basically carry the same meaning. What changes between them is either their register (more formal or informal) and the placement of these terms in a phrase. 


Usage: more colloquial, normally appears in spoken English, in affirmative sentences or questions.

Position: placed at the end of a sentence.

  • Is The Godfather your favorite movie too? Cool!
  • – Have a great weekend, Charles! – You have a great weekend too!
  • I enjoy drinking wine, but I’m crazy about beer too.
  • Anthony Bourdain was not only an amazing chef but a great writer too.
  • Venezuela is currently undergoing a severe economic crisis and Brazil is too.
  • Oh, have you been to Turkey too? It is a beautiful country, isn’t it?


Usage: more commonly seen in written language, less frequent in spoken English.

Position: placed at the beginning of a sentence, separated by a comma or at the middle of a sentence. Usually used to introduce a new or related topic. 

  • I’ll call you later so we can discuss it. Also, are you coming to the meeting tomorrow? 
  • We work very hard but we also love to have fun. 
  • I left my wallet at home and I also forgot my keys there. 
  • Angelina Jolie is known for being an actress, although sometimes she also directs films. 
  • It is raining a lot today and it is also very cold. 
  • On their honeymoon, they went to Italy, Prague and also Russia
  • We need to go to the supermarket later. Also, we have to stop by the bank.


Usage: a little more formal than too, most commonly employed in spoken English.

Position: placed at the end of a sentence.

  • Is it just your husband or are you coming as well
  • She went to law school as well.
  • I will have the ceasar salad and the shrimp risotto as well.
  • Paul McCartney is a musician. Mick Jagger is a musician as well.
  • Oh, is it your birhtday? It is my birthday today as well
  • Will Beyoncé sing at the concert as well, or just Jay-Z?

I wish you guys a good evening (and a great week as well!)

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