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Happy Monday to all readers! How is it going? With the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and now with the latest black Friday, delivery is definitely a trending word. Over the quarantine, this type of service has become increasingly popular worldwide, as it allows for people to have access to products and food without having to leave their homes. But the verb deliver in English goes far beyond the delivery boy knocking on your door. In fact, there are several possible meanings for this very useful little word in the language. Did you know, for example, that President Joe Biden, once he takes office in January, will deliver a speech? And with that in mind, I wrote this text to show you guys the different functions of this word. How about starting the week with a vocabulary boost? Time to deliver the goods!

Goods being delivered (Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay)


deliver as taking goods or parcels to a location

  • Your order is out for delivery and will be with you shortly.
  • We deliver for free on orders over $50. 
  • A delivery van just parked outside, maybe it’s the vacuum cleaner we ordered online. 
  • Nowadays it is possible to have even medicine and groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Baby being delivered (Image by Eloísa Garrido from Pixabay)

deliver as giving birth or helping someone in the process

  • My wife had a difficult delivery, but everything turned out fine. 
  • Kate Middleton delivered a healthy baby boy in June.
  • Her third child was delivered by a midwife.
  • Dr. Thompson delivered all three of my children.

deliver as providing a service, having good results

  • The airline is striving to deliver higher-quality services for passengers
  • These new funds will allow hospitals to deliver better healthcare for its patients
  • Most employees believe they can deliver the best results working from home office
  • Although he holds an upper-management position, Oliver just can’t seem to deliver

deliver as in give a speech, say something

Politician delivering a speech (Image by Grégory ROOSE from Pixabay )

  • The priest delivered a fascinating sermon on the importance of forgiveness.
  • The jury delivered the verdict of guilty.
  • The Minister of Finance is scheduled to deliver a speech on taxes next Monday.
  • The audience was amazed at how beautifully the actress delivered her lines.


idiom: deliver the goods – keeping a promise and fulfilling your duties

  • I wonder how the candidate will actually deliver the goods on his election promises.
  • The government has failed to deliver the goods.
  • Hiring this math tutor for our children didn’t come cheap, but she really delivers the goods.
  • You can count on this architect for the project, he really delivers the goods.

So, I hope I was able to deliver what I promised! Which of these expressions did you already know before? Are there any more meanings of deliver that you know? Leave your comments below! See you soon!

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  1. sennur:

    Is şt the right way to say “My child will deliver the money for the fund tomorrow” (I mean, he will give the money for the fund the responsible person)

    • carol:

      @sennur Hey there, Sennur!
      That’s an interesting question. I guess it all depends on how he will deliver it. Depending on the context, it would be more appropriate to say “send” or “transfer”, wouldn’t you think so? Otherwise it would feel to me as though the money would have to be physically delivery to the fund.
      Thanks for reading our blog 😀

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