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Capitalization Practice Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in English Grammar

Yesterday, I wrote a post highlighting the major rules of capitalization in English.  Today is your chance to practice these rules!  I have a number of sentences below in which you have to find all the words that need to be capitalized and capitalize them.  The answers to this exercise are below.

And here is your practice on the blog:
1.    my favorite dr. seuss books are green eggs and ham and the lorax.
2.    on saturday, i will see the movie star wars and eat at mcdonalds.
3.    terry and larry went to the central park zoo last july.
4.    she will have a friend from london, england visiting all winter
5.    did you know that abraham lincoln was president in the nineteenth century?
6.    in the fall semester there will be many french students enrolling in the new esl class.
7.    my uncle jerry recommended transparent language to me because he has really enjoyed learning english with their program.

Before looking at the answers to this capitalization practice exercise you might want to try another exercise that is interactive and will give you some feedback that may help you with this exercise.  Here is the link to an interactive game in which you have to click on the letters that need to be capitalized in various sentences in order to keep playing.
Link: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/grammar/capitalization.htm
After playing this game, and getting some feedback about your work, check back to see how you did on this exercise.

1.    My favorite Dr. Seuss books are Green Eggs and Ham and The Lorax.
2.    On Saturday, I will see the movie Star Wars and eat at McDonalds.
3.    Terry and Larry went to the Central Park Zoo last July.
4.    She will have a friend from London, England visiting all winter.
5.    Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was president in the nineteenth century?
6.    In the Fall semester there will be many French students enrolling in the new ESL class.
7.    My Uncle Jerry recommended Transparent Language to me because he has really enjoyed learning English with their program.

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  1. Andrea:

    Sorry, I know that I almost reply, but I don’t understand why don’t write “my favorite Dr. Seuss books…”, if they are proper nouns, can you explain me that, please?

    Best regrets and thank you so much, I try to read you everyday

    • gabriele:

      @Andrea Andrea,
      You are right! “Dr. Seuss” should have been capitalized in the answers section and it is now. Thank you for catching that mistake!