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End of the year vocab Posted by on Dec 31, 2018 in English Language, English Vocabulary

Good evening, dear readers! How was everybody’s Christmas?

And what about you plans for New Year’s Eve? With all of these December festivities, how about we cover some end-of-the-year related words so you can practice while you celebrate?

Happy New Year!


  • Christmas is celebrated on December 25th


  • People say that January 1rst is international hangover day!


  • My New Year’s resolution is to start exercising more


  • Thousands of people gather to observe the fireworks at the stroke of midnight in Times Square


  • To count down until 12am on New Year’s eve is a major tradition in many countries

to hug

  • It’s common to hug people around you at midnight on New Year’s eve

turn of the year

  • Everyone toasts at the turn of the year

to toast

  • It’s time to pop the champagne so we can toast!


  • Christmas is a great opportunity to gather with the family


  • We invited all our relatives to our christmas party

end of the year party

  • Our company’s end of the year party was lots of fun


  • We the clock strikes midnight, everyone hugs and wishes each other a happy new year


  • Stores don’t open during the christmas holiday


  • On Christmas night, we celebrate the birth of Jesus with celebration and joy

Happy holidays

  • Let’s send a card to our friends wishing them happy holidays


  • Christmas is my favorite date of the year


  • My grandmother sends me a card with messages of peace every year

christmas tree

  • Who wants to help me decorate the Christmas tree?

santa claus

  • Santa Claus visits the homes of many children on Christmas night to leave them presents


  • We placed our gifts under the christmas tree

secret santa

  • I got my aunt Julie as my secret santa. It’s hard to pick a gift for her


  • Exchanging gifts on Christmas morning is a tradition

Christmas lights

  • Let’s put up some Christmas lights on our windows, it’ll look so pretty!

nativity scene

  • Nativity scenes represent the birth of Jesus


  • We spent the whole day putting up ornaments in the christmas tree


  • I chose a really pretty wreath to hang on our door


  • I forgot to buy uncle Edward a present for Christmas. I hope he is not upset

go shopping

  • It’s a bad idea to go last minute shopping on Christmas eve. It gets crowded everywhere


  • Santa’s elves help him make toys for the children

Are there any other holiday words that come to your mind?

Happy New Year and Have a great 2019!


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