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How do you spell that again? Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 in English Language, English Vocabulary


Today I have another post to help you with your spelling in English! I’m going to tell you about 8 words, and you will have to guess what the words are and then figure out how to spell them. The spelling part is the trickiest part because all of these words have unusual spellings; that is they aren’t spelled the way they sound. If you can figure out what word is that is being described, but can’t spell it, that is still good!  Give it at try.

1.This word is a noun, which means: in risk or danger. It is also the name of a well-known long-running American game show. On this game show contestants are given an answer and asked to come up with the question that matches that answer. Hint: the word starts with the letter ‘j’.

2. This is a day of the week. Because this day of the week is in the middle of the week, we often also call this day “hump day” in English.

3. You will “need” to know this word if you want to make bread. This word is a verb that describes the actions of squeezing, pressing, and rolling dough with the hands to make bread. It is pronounced the same as the word “need”, but spelled very differently.

4. This is name for a very small fly. Hint: This word starts with the letter ‘g’, but the ‘g’ is silent.

5. One definition of this word is “to expel air from the lungs suddenly and noisily,” but this word can be a verb or a noun.  It is something people often do when they are sick.

6. This is a word used to describe a person who inherits money, property, or other items from someone after another person’s death. The word is pronounced almost the same as the word ‘hair’, but it is spelled differently.

7. This word describes when the end of two words sound the same, like mitten and kitten. Poems are often written to have this quality. Hint: In old English this word was written as “rime.”

8. This is a machine used to clean carpets. It sucks up dirt and dust from the floor. It also has a double letter in its spelling.

The answers are below…




1. jeopardy, 2. Wednesday; 3. knead; 4. gnat; 5. cough; 6. heir, 7. rhyme, 8. vacuum

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