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Improve Your Writing by Not Using “And” Too Much Posted by on Jan 28, 2012 in English Grammar, English Language

Many people want to improve their English writing. There are many things you can try to achieve this but one of the easiest tips is not to use the word “and” too much.

When you use “and” a lot, your writing starts to become a bit boring.  Instead try using some different words.

For example:

Danny ate pizza, but Sarah ate sushi.

Danny ate pizza, when Sarah ate sushi.

Danny ate pizza, so Sarah ate sushi.

Although, just using other words instead of “and” is not the complete answer.  You also have to make sure that the new word you are using makes sense.

For example, if you had originally written “The shops are still open and we can get Tim a present.” and then decided to use a different word to replace “and,” something like “when” wouldn’t be a good fit.  Because then your sentence wouldn’t make much sense –> “The shops are still open when we can get Tim a present.”  So, make sure that you test out your substitute words before slotting them in place.

Have a look at the three sentences below and see if you can decide which word makes the most sense in each sentence:

1.  Sam is tall (so / but) Tanya is taller.

2.  Tina plays golf (while / so) Ben plays chess.

3.  Anna locked her door (but / so) she felt safe.

Now write out the following sentences again with a new linking word.

1.  I didn’t win the game and I am going out to eat.

2.  I had pizza and I didn’t have any beer.

3.  I like bananas and I am not a monkey.

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