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Kismet is not a word you hear everyday in English, even though it is a great word, and I think once you learn it you will like it as much as I do! I love the way it sounds (take a listen here). If you use this word with a native English speaker (or your English teacher) you will be sure to impress him or her. So, what is kismet anyway?

Kismet is a power that is believed to control what happens in the future.

There are many synonyms to this word, but the one you may be most familiar with is “fate.” Another very close synonym is “destiny.” Some other synonyms for kismet include “providence” and “lot.”

Here are some sentences in which you can use these various words. Remember all of these words generally mean: the development of events beyond a person’s control, perhaps determined by a supernatural power.


She always said that it was kismet that she met her husband at her best friend’s wedding.

I am a great believer in fate. I think everything happens for a reason.

He was sure that getting the scholarship to travel aboard was his destiny.

Our lot in life is to work for the good of all mankind.

None of us know what the future holds, we have to let providence decide.

Can you tell from these examples what part of speech all of these words are? They are all nouns. We think of these words (kismet, fate, destiny, lot, and providence) as things or entities that have control over the future, that we humans don’t have control over.  Among this group of words, “lot” and “providence” have a slight religious connotation, while “kismet,” “destiny,” and “fate” have a neutral connotation.

It may be kismet that brought you to this blog today, but I hope you have found this information useful and that you continue to come back for more information to improve your English skills.


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