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Let’s Test Your English Skills! Posted by on Apr 22, 2020 in English Grammar, English Language, English Vocabulary, punctuation, spelling

    Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay, CCO

Do you have a child taking classes from home? Or maybe you’re a teacher meandering your way around a virtual classroom. Aren’t you a little bit curious about what that learning experience is like? Perhaps you like games and would like to try your hand at a new one. This week’s blog is just for you.

The more time I spend on social media, and that really is a big part of my job, the more English mistakes I see. Now, before some of you start saying, “Gary, sometimes those are spelling errors, or even the result of Autocorrect.” I acknowledge that possibility. I’ve seen errors from people who are brilliant authors, journalists, and scientists. They’re still errors!

So, here are 20 sentences. 15 of these sentences contain a mistake, but 5 are correct. Try to find the word or punctuation that’s wrong in each of the 15 sentences. The answers will be found at the end. Good luck, and no cheating!

A. Bill was excited to be excepted into the program.

B. Their second attempt was better then the first one.

C. My favorite fruits, peaches, nectarines, plums, etc. are called stone fruits.

D. The policeman promised her that he would look in to it.

E. All of the answers is correct.

F. My boss sent the email to Donna and me.

G. I could of been mistaken, but I was sure that I heard an owl.

H. Every once in a while my cars horn goes off for no reason.

I. Alaska was the forty ninth state to be admitted into the union.

J. I knew that their had to be a simple explanation for the mistake.

K. Lately, I’ve been walking, sleep, and eating a lot.

L. This isn’t the way I planned to spend my vacation.

M. She couldn’t understand the principal meaning behind the author’s message.

N. That was, by the way, my favorite movie when I was younger.

O. Diane never took the shortest root home from work.

P. Once, upon a time, there lived a very wise man.

Q. Harry, ever the cautious one, looked both ways before crossing the street.

R. Andy and Chuck were too set in their ways to ever become good roommates.

S. I understand your skepticism, but I insure you that this investment is safe.

T. The Sphynx cat is known for it’s lack of hair.


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  1. amelia:

    the english exercise was great i love it.

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