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Practice with Some Synonyms Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in English Vocabulary

One great way to increase your English vocabulary is to learn synonyms for common words and vary the different words that you use to say the same or almost the same things.  Using a more varied vocabulary makes what you say more interesting for other people to listen to.  We all want to be more interesting to talk to right?

Today I have a practice exercise for you that requires you to think of a synonym for each of the bolded words in the passage I have written below.  In thinking of replacement words or synonyms for those words in bold below, remember that using a synonym will not alter the meaning of the sentence.  Why not give rewriting this passage using different words a try?  I will post how I would rewrite this passage using synonyms for the words in bold tomorrow.

Note: There may be more than one correct synonym that can be used for some of the words in bold in this passage.

Practice Exercise:

The Natural History Museum is filled with many antique items.  I am sure if you visit the museum you will enjoy walking around viewing all of the amazing articles.  There are artifacts large and small.  Many of the exhibits are about humans and animals, while other displays contain items made by humans. The museum has a collection that is very impressive.  My favorite area of the museum includes the Indian ceramics section.  This section of the museum demonstrates the various vessels that have been used throughout time for cooking, storing food, and decoration.  There are some very clever as well as odd designs to look at and think about in this part of the museum.

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