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Summer Peach Cobbler Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Culture

It is summertime and that means it is time for cobbler!  So, what is a cobbler?  A cobbler is a dessert.  This dessert originated in the American colonies, before the United States became its own country.  Early English settlers in America created cobblers when they were unable to find the ingredients and cooking equipment they needed to make some of the desserts they were used to making back in England.  Some people say the name for this dessert comes from the fact that when the dessert is finished cooking it has an uneven surface on top like a cobblestone street (a street paved with small flat stones) or the name may come the fact that the ingredients are “cobbled together” (to cobble together = to put something together out of existing materials).  Right now, you might still be wondering what exactly is a cobbler?  Well, it is fruit based dessert that is cooked in a large backing dish and covered with some type of batter or biscuit.  A cobbler is similar to a pie, because it has a fruit filling, but a cobbler does not have a crust on the bottom.  One of the most famous types of cobbler in the United States is peach cobbler.  Peaches are a fruit that ripens in the summer months across the United States and this is why peach cobbler and summer go together so well!  One state in the United States that is famous for its peaches is the state of Georgia.  This is a state that has many peach growers as well as festivals and summertime celebrations that center around peaches.  If you are in the state of Georgia in the summer you are almost certain to have some peach cobbler.  So, today I have two videos for you about peach cobbler.  The first video is a how-to video.  This video gives you step by step instructions about how to make peach cobbler.  This video is easy to follow; the presenter speaks clearly and slowly and the instructions are written as well as spoken.  This is a great video for a beginner or intermediate ESL learner.  I have included a few vocabulary words below the video as well to help you understand.  The second video is also about making peach cobbler, but this video does not give you step-by-step instructions and it is presented in a more casual real life speaking situation.  This video is better for a more advanced ESL learners.  I have also included some vocabulary below the second video to help you better understand it as well.  Enjoy!

luscious = having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste
ripe = fruit that is developed to the point of readiness for eating
fragrant = having a pleasant or sweet smell
ramekin = a small dish for baking and serving an individual portion of food
dollop = a shapeless mass or blob of something


syrup = a thick sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar in hot water
to vent = to allow an opening for air, gas, or liquid to pass out of a confined space
granulated = small and rough pieces that look like small grains or particles

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