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Words and Phrases for Winter Storms Posted by on Jan 27, 2022

There’s a winter storm heading my way this weekend. Based on early forecasts, it will be one of the biggest snowstorms to hit my state in years. If you don’t live in an area where these types of storms are common, you might think that this would be cause for alarm and concern. And, certainly…

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Hands up! Gun idioms in English Posted by on Nov 30, 2021

Hi, everyone! How is it going? The other day I was talking to an American co-worker of mine and couldn’t help but joking about his country’s obsession with firearms, with its purchase and possession even being legal in some states. All jokes aside, gun control is a hot topic in the public debate. Regardless of…

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Do you want a shot? Posted by on Apr 30, 2021

What’s up, guys? If there’s one thing we can’t stop talking about since the beginning of the year, it’s the vaccines. A lot of people must be wondering when they might be getting their first shot and long they should wait in between shots. But since mass vaccination might still be a while, let’s change…

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Sleep-related idioms Posted by on Apr 30, 2020

Good evening to all readers out there! How have you been? More specifically, how have you been sleeping? The reason I ask is that I came across a very thought-provoking article the other day. Don’t worry, this is not another post about coronavirus. But it is somehow connected to it, to be honest! The article goes…

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Time idioms in English Posted by on Aug 31, 2019

pocket watches

Hello, dear readers. Long time no see! It’s about time I wrote a new post. I can’t believe it is August already! It’s amazing how time flies. So you have probably guessed what today’s text is about by now. You got it, we are going to cover some useful time idioms. There are endless expressions…

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Idioms with numbers in English – Part 2 Posted by on Mar 31, 2018

What’s up, guys? How have you been doing? Last month we covered some idioms in English related to numbers. So how about we go to the second share of our lesson. It takes two to tango, so join me and let’s go! to put two and two together – to join the pieces, to correctly…

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Idioms with numbers in English – Part 1 Posted by on Feb 28, 2018

Hey, everyone! How are you doing? We use numbers on a daily basis to communicate. Besides, there are many and expressions that use numbers figuratively to give them another meaning. Today, we are going to cover some of these idioms in English. So give me five and let’s do this! at the eleventh hour –…

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