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Test Your English Grammar Knowledge Posted by on Jul 9, 2020 in English Grammar, English Language

Let’s see how well you know English grammar terms. I’m going to give you some grammatical terms with the letters of each term scrambled. You will then have to unscramble the term and match it to its definition. Answers will be found at the bottom of the page. No cheating!

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Grammar Terms

  1. reimedetrn
  2. rednug
  3. jerttencinio
  4. odifrmei
  5. tprlpai spateic (two words)
  6. cetaperid
  7. uriqteafin
  8. initilfiv nipset (two words)
  9. cocoallonit
  10. bintic redcejto (two words)



A.  A common word that expresses emotion but has no grammatical value. It can often be used alone and is often followed by an exclamation mark. “Wow!”

B.  A determiner or pronoun in a sentence which indicates quantity. “She could only eat a little of her ice cream.

C.  A word such as an article or a possessive adjective or some other adjective that typically comes at the beginning of noun phrases. “I’d like a bowl of your delicious soup.”

D.  The noun form of a verb, formed with the verb, followed by-ing. “Reading is an essential activity.”

E.  A group or pairing of words, such as in an idiom or colloquialism, which commonly appear together. “As soon as the mechanic tuned up my car, it purred like a kitten.”

F.  A word or phrase that modifies and specifies another word. “The cat with the white paws.”

G.  A verb form usually made by adding “-ed” to the base verb. It is sometimes used as an adjective. “I washed the car today.”

H.  One of the two main parts of a sentence; not the subject. “That speech was so inspiring!”

I.  This is found when an adverbial word or phrase comes between the particle “to” and the verb in an infinitive; sometimes awkwardly. “The tenor managed to dramatically hold the note for several seconds.”

J.  The noun or phrase representing the person or thing indirectly affected by the action of the verb. “She went with her girlfriends to see the new superhero blockbuster.”



1 – Determiner – C

2 – Gerund – D

3 – Interjection – A

4 – Modifier – F

5 – Past Participle – G

6 – Predicate – H

7 – Quantifier – B

8 – Split Infinitive – I

9 – Collocation – E

10 – Indirect Object – J


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