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Vegetable Words in English Posted by on May 30, 2012 in English Language, English Vocabulary

Last week we had a post about fruit vocabulary words. Some of you even told us about your favourite fruits. In this post, we will look at some vegetable vocabulary words. This is handy because quite often the two will go together in conversation.

Vegetable Vocabulary Words

  • artichoke
  • asparagus
  • aubergine/egg plant
  • beans
  • broccoli
  • (white) cabbage
  • cauliflower
  • celery
  • chilli
  • cucumber
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • kohlrabi
  • leek
  • mushroom
  • onion
  • peas
  • (green) pepper
  • potato
  • radish
  • spring onion
  • (Brussels) sprouts
  • sweet corn
  • zucchini/courgette

And now a quick video to liven up the topic a bit:

With the Captain Vegetable song running through your head, take a look at this poem/song about vegetables. Would you be able to describe each vegetable as well as the poem does? One thing to mention is that the poem names a tomato as a vegetable but technically it is a fruit. However, it is still often referred to as a vegetable.

Meet the Veggies

Tomato: I’m round and red And juicy too.
Chop me for a salad,
Or dump me in your stew!

Lettuce: Hey, wait a minute!
If a salad you’re fixin’
I can stand alone.
No need for the mixin’!

Onion: Chop me and slice me
But keep water near.
I sometimes get juicy
And can bring on a tear!

Carrot: Orange is my color;
I stand long and lean.
In the garden you’ll see
Just my bright leaves of green.

Pea: I live in a pod
With so many others.
I think I was born
With one hundred brothers!

Green Bean: Look in the garden;
You’ll see my sign.
Then bring out your basket
When it’s pickin’ time!

Potato: I’ve an eye for perfection
To give you the best.
Baked, mashed or fried-
I’ll pass the test!

Cabbage: My head is quite thick
So people tell me.
I guess that’s the reason
Grocery stores sell me!

Celery: Cut and rinse my stalks,
Then spread on cream cheese.
A refreshing hors d’oeuvre
To make parties a breeze!

Squash: Some call me a game,
A game of good sport,
But I’m really to eat
As a side dish of sorts!

Brussel Sprout: I’m kinda cute
When I’m served on a plate
I’m just a little mouthful.
You can eat six or eight!

Cauliflower: I carry white flowers
To break off and eat.
I’m sometimes served raw,
A nutritious snack treat!

Broccoli: My friends call me trees
Now that’s a funny name.
Though I am a dark green
With stalks just the same.

We’re the veggies You should eat every day! Now don’t make a face. We’re as good as we say!

*Meet the Veggies credit: Child Fun


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