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Skrablo! Posted by on Nov 28, 2009

I’m downright awful at the game Scrabble in my native English. I know plenty of words, but I never seem to pick up the right tiles, and I can’t quite calculate what would give me the highest possible score. Even so, I find it a lot of fun to play. And now, you can play…

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Pending High-Powered Word Processor Posted by on Nov 24, 2009

While it’s only in its beta phase, the new tool Lingvohelpilo is shaping up to be a valuable tool for Esperantists. If you remember Esperantilo from many entries ago, consider it a Notepad to Lingvohelpilo‘s OpenOffice. It has a ways to go before it’s perfect, but right now it looks promising. Take a look at…

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Cookbook Vocabulary Posted by on Nov 22, 2009

Thanksgiving is drawing nearer, for all of us Usono residents. Perhaps you’ll be planning to eat many platefuls of food. Or, perhaps you’ll be the one preparing it all, or helping to prepare it! For all of you readers with a culinary bent, this entry has been made to provide you with an Esperanto vocabulary…

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What Is Ardano? Posted by on Nov 19, 2009

Ever since Zein posted a comment under the Purism or Pluralism? article from a ways back, I’ve been examining some of Esperanto’s “competitors.” I use the word “competitor” lightly, because it’s unfair to say that a language with essentially the same goals as Esperanto should be placed in an adversarial context. Perhaps we could refer…

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How Tempting… Posted by on Nov 6, 2009

An interesting synonym for the English verb “to tempt” is the word “tantalize.” It can mean “to tease,” but it also connotes some temptation – “tantalizing” refers to something that arouses want, mostly due to that something’s unattainable nature. The word itself comes from the name of the Greek trickster-hero Tantalus, whose skills in deception…

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