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Skrablo! Posted by on Nov 28, 2009 in Esperanto Language

I’m downright awful at the game Scrabble in my native English. I know plenty of words, but I never seem to pick up the right tiles, and I can’t quite calculate what would give me the highest possible score. Even so, I find it a lot of fun to play. And now, you can play it in Esperanto online against other players!

The game Skrablo plays exactly like the classic board game we all know. The letter values have changed significantly, to accomodate the dispersion of common and uncommon letters in Esperanto. Also, there are separate tiles for enclitic letters (like sx, gx, etc.). Other than that, the game seems virtually unchanged.

The only drawback – if it can even be considered a drawback – is that you need to sign up in order to play the game. However, registration is free. Should you have some time to spare, I recommend the game. It’s sure to test your Esperanto knowledge, and you don’t have to worry about flipping the board in frustration. Not like I’d ever do such a thing…

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  1. Dacxjo:

    A good way to improve your scabble score is to do simple crosswords, the easy ones. You’ll get acquainted with lots of 3-5 letter words.
    Pre-internet I once made an Esperanto Scrabble set. Problem was I had no one to play with. 😉