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Classic Winter Toy Posted by on Dec 21, 2009 in Esperanto Language

Do you have snow where you live yet? For me, winter began about two weeks ago with the first snowfall, and the snow continues to pile up all across my region of the States. Some people dislike the snow, since ili bezonos sxoveli, but I love all the fun activities that come with it. (And yes, I consider shoveling snow to be fun!)

A word for this chilly season that you can keep in the back of your mind is the term glitveturilo. Let’s take a look at what it could possibly mean. We have glit-, which connotes slipping (think glita, meaning “slippery,” or gliti, “to glide”). There is vetur-, which brings about the notion of riding or traveling. Lastly, we have –ilo, meaning “tool.” Any guesses as to what they mean when they combine?

A “glitveturilo” is a sled, or a sleigh. Makes sense in retrospect, right? It’s a tool you ride by sliding all over the place. (With luck, your auxtomobilo won’t fit that description during the winter months!) Now, you have a word to use when you’re atop a large, snowy hill, and need to think of how to reach the bottom quickly.

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  1. Formiko:

    Se vi ŝatas ŝoveli, vi povas ŝoveli mian alveturejon 🙂

  2. Lex:

    Mi sxovelos gxin, se vi acxetas miajn aviajn biletojn!