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Do you speak Esperanto, but have some qualms about teaching it in schools? No? Well, I figured. Esperantists recognize the potential benefits of teaching Esperanto, but some people are a bit skeptical about the whole thing. I suppose I can understand the initial reluctance. Language is a deeply personal matter, and closely tied to one’s cultural identity. (Nevermind that the United States does not yet have an official national language!)

If, however, you’re a proponent of Esperanto teaching, I have a few links that you might find interesting. The first is an opinion paper from the Education Resources Information Center. It argues for all the usual benefits, but makes for a good brush-up. You can also find its PDF version, though the site links to it, as well. Secondly, Esperanto USA has yet another great blog entry that argues for the current US administration to take another look at Esperanto. Lastly, a movement on pushes for the teaching of Esperanto in public schools.

Educate yourself, and educate others! Gxis!

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