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Games catch on! Posted by on Aug 31, 2009 in Esperanto Language

I’ve always thought that one way Esperanto could receive a good deal of notice is if it appeared in a popular video game. Perhaps appearing as a coded language of some kind would motivate people to learn it. As matters stand, I’ve only glimpsed Esperanto in one video game: the weird and wonderful Katamari Damacy.

One of the characters greets you with “saluton!” in the beginning of Katamari Damacy’s final level. I find it appropriate that the greeting comes from the purported “King of All Cosmos.” He rules the universe, so of course he’d approve of a universal language! You can glimpse a video of it on YouTube. I highly recommend the game or any of its sequels, too…It’s rather hilarious, as the rest of the video suggests!

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  1. Jen:

    There’s a game called Final Fantasy XI that has a song sung in Esperanto in its intro.

    Here’s a video. Wonderful music 🙂