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Julio Baghy Posted by on Apr 30, 2009 in Esperanto Language

Let’s talk about another famous Esperanto author today. This time, the subject is Julio Baghy, a Hungarian professional actor from the early 20th century. He was one of the first writers in the Esperanto movement, since he came along early into Esperanto’s life. He wrote a great deal of Esperanto literature, but Baghy is more famous for his quality Esperanto poetry.

Some of Baghy’s works include “Preter la Vivo” (Beyond Life, or Beyond the Life), which is a collection of verses, “Pilgrimo” (Pilgrim), a poem about hope and optimism and a drastic contrast from the flavor of “Preter la Vivo,” and the poem “Vagabondo Kantas” (the Vagabond Sings). Baghy’s earlier works draw heavily on his pessimism and disillusionment following World War I, where he was a prisoner of war in Siberia. During his internment, he wrote Esperanto works, and taught the language to other captives.

I haven’t been able to find any of Baghy’s texts online, since most of them have yet to enter the public domain. However, his books are still in print, and you can easily buy a copy of “Preter la Vivo” or “Pilgrimo” (an anthology that contains the title poem) from most reputable Esperanto catalogues.

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  1. Koninda:

    A look at the Esperanto-Wikipedia page for Baghy reveals links to 14 of his works online.

    Lex, would it be useful to you to have some volunteer proof readers and fact checkers?

  2. Lex:

    Sure, if you so desire. I wouldn’t mind having another set of eyes look everything over! You’ve been quite helpful thus far with your comment posts, so please feel free to continue with them – maybe even posting the links you find useful?

  3. limako:

    Julio Baghy is one of my favorite authors. I have a signed copy of one of his books.

    Some of his poetry is here:

    You can find some of his short stories here:

  4. Jim Lieberman:

    Some time ago I found Baghy poems at a Hungarian site but today could only find them at Don Harlow’s:
    These show that Esperanto carries cultural weight–but one has to get comfortable with Esperanto to appreciate it. Fortunately that takes much, much less time than attaining the same level in any ethnic tongue.