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Where to begin…? Posted by on May 7, 2009 in Esperanto Language

Someone recently posted a comment asking about good ways to begin learning Esperanto. It’s a great question – after all, everyone must start at the beginning when learning a new language! I already posted a brief comment specifically for that person’s benefit, but since there might be more of you out there with the same question, I figured I would mention a few things about beginner’s content.

From my personal experience, I highly recommend any postal course you can find for Esperanto. I used the free course from ELNA (Esperanto League of North America), since I live in Usono. From what I’ve heard, there are similar courses offered the world over. One free course can be found here. You only pay the cost of the envelopes for sending in your responses, and for a return envelope. I found the pace of the postal course to be perfect. The sender paces your language learning over a series of 10-15 lessons, and the speed is quite casual – you simply send in for the next lesson when you’re done with your current set.

If you would rather not wait for the mail to come in order to learn more Esperanto, there are some products offered by Transparent Language that are particularly helpful for intermediate or slightly-above-beginner levels. Transparent Language’s products are phenomenal for learning vast amounts of new vocabulary. Once you learn the basics of grammar, a TL Esperanto program can greatly increase your skills.

Lastly, I can recommend lernu.net. They have a good deal of content for beginners, as well as online tests for when you feel you’re ready for them.

Once you feel confident enough in your Esperanto skills, move on to books and poetry! Immersion is the key to mastering any language. Bonan sxancon!

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About the Author: Transparent Language

Transparent Language is a leading provider of best-practice language learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses. We want everyone to love learning language as much as we do, so we provide a large offering of free resources and social media communities to help you do just that!


  1. Christopher Zervic:

    The ten lesson course is also offered via email. I learned this way in 1994.

  2. Vaughn Seward:

    Most 10-lesson courses are these days also offered by email which is quicker and saves on stamps.

    I have also personally benefited from a couple of old courses (do a web search for the following):

    universala esperanto metodo
    A Complete Grammar of Esperanto (by Ivy Kellerman)

    The “rekta metodo” (direct method) I have found is also very effective.


  3. David Simpson:

    I learned from the book “Teach Yourself Esperanto” in 1976.

  4. Mar:

    ELNA’s new DBA is simply ‘Esperanto-USA’. Our website is http://www.Esperanto-USA.org
    Mar =)