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Patience is a virtue… Posted by on Sep 11, 2009 in Esperanto Language

I might have mentioned before that I don’t have control over approving all your comments. Of course, I review all of them, and put in a good word for the better percentage of them! That’s why it sometimes takes a little while for your insightful commentary to appear on the blog.

As luck would have it, my comment editor will be leaving us. It may take a while to replace her. I’m not exactly sure. However,  I still lack the power to approve your comments. I truly am sorry, but I’m unaware as to when recent comments will be approved, and when they’ll show up for all to see. I can only ask for your patience! You’re a fantastic audience, and I love reading what you have to say. Please don’t think I’ve suddenly decided to be a censor of sorts – that would be a poor mentality for an Esperantist!

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