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Why is Kio never plural – Esperanto Correlatives Posted by on Aug 27, 2018

Why is "Kio" never plural? Photo courtesy Esperanto Variety Show

Esperanto is an “Easy Language” One thing which we all learn (hopefully) early on in our pursuit of Esperanto is that there’s no such thing as an “easy language.” While Esperanto speakers often report a higher level of success with Esperanto compared to other languages they’ve learned (or tried to learn), Esperanto is not without…

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If you only remember two things from your basic Esperanto class Posted by on Jul 16, 2018

five vowels - image courtesy of Esperanto Variety Show

Basic Esperanto Class As I write this, I’m just back from two weeks of teaching at the North American Summer Esperanto Institute (In Esperanto: NASK – short for Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro). On the last day, I told my students that if they only remember two things from our time together, let it be these two…

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