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WoW? Oh, wow. Posted by on Jan 31, 2010 in Esperanto Language

Have you ever played the game World of Warcraft? If not, you might be one of the few who hasn’t! (I count myself among your number, though).

Like any social game that attracts a worldwide audience, World of Warcraft has speakers of all languages who play the game. Apparently, it has a decently-sized Esperanto community, as well! If you want to practice your Esperanto while you play, take a look at this forum on Lernu to find some fellow Esperantists. If you’re going to be addicted to an online game for so long, you might as well manage to learn something from it. Why not make Esperanto that something?

Alternately, don’t hesitate to see whether any non-speakers would be interested in learning it. Think of the possibilities!

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  1. Evildea:

    To learn Esperanto while playing World of Warcraft, you should also check out my video series here: