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Esperanto Blogger(s) Wanted Posted by on Mar 4, 2010 in Uncategorized


Anybody with a passionate interest in Esperanto, the time to blog is now! Our beloved Esperanto blog will need new authors with new insights on Esperanto language and culture. If you have any interest please comment here or write on our Facebook page’s wall. The Esperanto community and blog need you!


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  1. Glavkos:

    well …that sounds great , but I am not the most suitable person for that…

  2. Quintus:

    Hey! I am a big fan of esperanto, and I completed the course a while ago. I started an Esperanto club at my school, am reading an esperanto book right now, and I read this blog all the time! I’d love to help with this blog!

  3. Johano:

    I may be able to write a blog post once in a while. I think I could commit to once a month.

  4. Andrew LONGHOFER:

    Kiel mi min aligxu?

  5. Gunnar Gällmo:

    At your Facebook side, you call Zamenhof “a Polish oculist”. He was an oculist, but he denied being Polish; he was “rusa hebreo”, a Russian Jew, according to his own words.

  6. Swazmo:

    Saluton el Kolombio!

    Kiel mi aliĝu?

    Mi havas paĝon: vizitu bonvole ĝin!

  7. Enrique:

    I don’t have a passionate interest in Esperanto, neither I am a big fan of Esperanto. I am just a user of Esperanto. I also help interested people to learn Esperanto.

    I learned Esperanto looooong time ago, because I found Esperanto very easy to learn. It took me many more years to learn to use English.

    Esperanto permitted me to have friends who helped me visit their towns and even stay at their houses in many countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Korea, China, and Argentina. Also Esperanto speakers from many countries stayed at my house, and to many more I helped to know my town and other places nearby.

    Enrique, now in California, USA

  8. Betty Chatterjee:

    I started learning Esperanto in January 2005 and within a very short time was able to speak, write and read it. My knowledge of Esperanto has opened doors that would otherwise have been closed to me. I have used it for private travelling purposes in Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. In addition I’ve attended congresses and meetings in Italy, Holland, Slovenia, Germany, Lithuania, Turkey and Ukraine.

    Because of Esperanto I started blogging. You see I got so irritated over the ignorant and prejudiced comments that people made, that I decided to write about Esperanto and my own ‘Esperanto life.’ For the last three years I’ve blogged in English, Danish and Esperanto.

    After 5 years as an esperanto speaker I am convinced that it works well. It deserves to be taken very much more seriously than it is at present.

  9. Elmer:

    Kiamaniere mi povus helpi?

    salutas Elmer, el Honduro, Mez-Ameriko

  10. tony graff:

    I’m still learning Esperanto, but I’d love to help with this site.