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French Grammar: Back to the Future! Posted by on Jul 31, 2011

Mes chers amis (my dear friends), il est grand temps (it’s high time) that we get back to the future—And by that I mean the French grammatical futur !  Notice that unlike the English word “future“, its French equivalent is written without an “e.“ The French future is un temps grammatical (a grammatical tense) that comes in four forms: Le présent…

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Les Vacances de Rêve – Experiencing Summer Holidays the French Way Posted by on Jul 31, 2011

If you’ve ever heard the stereotype about the French lifestyle being much more décontracté (laid back) and tranquille (easy going) than life in other parts of the world, the French’s summer habits will likely come as no surprise. For most Frenchmen and women, heading to the south of the country or abroad is a ritual…

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Some French Rappers Like It Hot Posted by on Jul 30, 2011

Yo! All the boyz in the hoods of “New Yaawk“—And everywhere else: As you already know, cet été, c’est CHAUD (this Summer, it’s HOT)! For la fin de semaine (the weekend), The Transparent French Blog presents the music video of *HOT*, by the French group “ENHANCER” (Featuring Kool Shen.) All Rappers of New York City—East Side and West Side—will for once agree on this…

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A Touching French Song For All Exilés and Expats of the World Posted by on Jul 25, 2011

Alain Souchon, a major figure on the French song scene, dedicated this song to all les exilés of the world who, for a reason or another, had to leave their own countries behind… Despite the political changes occurring in France, past and present, la France still remains une terre d’accueil (a welcoming country). Alain Souchon: “C’est…

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French Names for Young Animals Posted by on Jul 23, 2011

When l’abeille (the bee) was young, it was une larve     When l’aigle (the eagle) was young, it was un aiglon    When l’âne (the donkey) was young, it was un ânon When l’antilope was young, it was an antilopin When l’autruche (the ostrich) was young, it was an autruchon When la baleine (the whale) was young, it was a baleineau…

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Paris-Plages: When The Beach Comes to Paris! Posted by on Jul 21, 2011

If you spent the past two weeks or so in Paris, you’ll know that le temps (the weather) did not exactly “spoil” the Parisians—Together with the millions of tourists who flocked into France to visit the French capital! But actually, since yesterday, the Paris weather has decided to take it easy for a bit. Much…

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Dude, Don’t be Subdued by The French Subjonctif! Posted by on Jul 20, 2011

Yes, nearly everyone agrees:  Le subjonctif, or the French subjunctive mood, is not exactly “easy” to handle. Here’s something brief to clear up your mind about le subjonctif, to understand in general what it is (and what it is not): The first thing to know is that le subjonctif is un mode (a mood), not un…

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