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French Music – Nach Posted by on Apr 30, 2019 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

The global music scene is so diverse these days. Musical styles and personal styles mix to give us fun and inspiring songs that reflect a broader sense of the human condition. I really like this song from the French singer Nach and its message.

Nach (Anne Chedid) is another scion of the well known Chedid family. Petite-fille de la poétesse Andrée Chedid, fille du chanteur Louis Chedid, et soeur du chanteur Matthieu Chedid (dit M) (Grand-daughter of the poet Andree Chedid, daughter of the singer Louis Chedid, and sister of the singer Mathieu Chedid (known as M).

An update on Notre-Dame

In the wake of the devastating incendie (fire) that ravaged Notre-Dame earlier in April, there have been some good news stories to hearten those saddened by the massive losses. In addition to many of the relics surviving, les abeilles (the bees) who call the cathedral home appear to have survived, as did the organ and the sculptures that adorned the steeple (which had been removed for the renovations that were underway).

J’veux* être belle mais j’y arrive pas I want to be pretty, but I just don’t seem to be able
Dans ma tête, c’est pas la joie In my head, it’s all grey
C’est la fête dehors, on danse Outside parties, dancing
On s’embrasse, et moi je pense People kissing, and me I think
Je les vois, les jolies filles I see them, the pretty girls
Dans les rues elles me titillent, In the streets they excite me
L’air des marches douces et fragiles Their air of fragility and gentleness
M’insupporte, ça m’rend* hostile I’ve had enough, it makes me mad
Je suis moi, rien que moi J’ai dans ma ligne de mire I’m just me, nothing but me. I’ve got my eyes on*
Celle que je ne suis pas Those that I am not
Je suis moi, rien que moi I am me, just me
En soirée, les belles plantes Out for the night, the pretty plants
Se déhanchent, flamboyantes Strut, they sparkle
En paillettes et en œillades In sequins and winks
C’est un fait, ça m’rend* malade There’s no two was about it, it makes me sick
Moi, jalouse? Pas du tout Jealous, me ? Not at all
Bon, d’accord, allez j’avoue Well, ok, I admit it
J’voudrais* bien, rien qu’une fois I just wish one time
Qu’on m’regarde* un peu comme ça That someone would look at me like that
Un beau jour, mon heure viendra Someday, my time will come
A mon tour, la candeur et l’éclat And it will be my turn, candor and flash
Je suis moi, rien que moi J’ai dans ma ligne de mire I’m just me, nothing but me. I’ve got an eye on
Celle que je ne suis pas Those that aren’t me
Je suis moi, rien que moi I’m me, just me
J’ai du charme, c’est c’qu’on me dit I’m charming, that’s what they tell me
C’est un drame, j’veux être jolie It’s all drama, I want to be pretty
J’ai brisé tous mes miroirs I’ve smashed all my mirrors
Si belle, si bien dans le noir So beautiful, so good in the dark
Je suis moi, rien que moi J’ai dans ma ligne de mire I am me, just me I’m aiming for
Toute celle que je ne suis pas All those that I am not
Je suis moi, rien que moi I’m me, just me

Songwriters: Anna Chedid Je suis moi lyrics © Warner Chappell Music France, Anna Chedid Publishing

* Like many songs, this one includes many examples of the ways that spoken/sung French differs from formal written French. These examples all drop the “e” to elide a pronoun with the following verb.

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Image Jeangagnon [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

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