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À la bibliothèque Posted by on Sep 10, 2021 in Culture, Language

À la bibliothèque – At the library


As Tim mentioned earlier this week, it’s Library Card Sign-up Month in the US! In celebration, I wanted to share some vocabulary you could use à la bibliothèque (at the library). (Don’t forget the difference with the faux ami1false friend la librairie – book store 😊)

Before we jump into it, I just wanted to give a shout-out to your local library! Your library is the hub of your community, offering audio-books, games, access to technology, events, book clubs, etc. Your local library will even offer subscriptions or materials specific to language learning. Check out here to see whether or not your local library offers Transparent Language Online so you can get started practicing your French online for free.

If you do have access to Transparent Language Online through your library, or you are already learning through your library, we are actually running a One Week Streak Challenge. Nous vous mettons au défi! (We challenge you!)

At any point during September, achieve a 7-day learning streak in Transparent Language Online and share it with us on social media to be entered to win prizes for you—and your library! 

Library inspired vocabulary:

un ordinateur – computer

un écran – screen
démarrer son ordinateur (allumer son ordinateur) – to start (turn on) the computer

la lecture – reading

le lecteur / la lectrice – reader

le/la bibliothécaire – librarian

Est-ce que vous êtes abonné(e) à la bibliothèque ? – Are you a member of the library ?

Je voudrais... – I would like…

Je cherche… – I am searching for…

emprunter un livre – to borrow a book

rapporter le livre – to return the book

réserver un livre – to reserve a book

classer dans l’ordre alphabétique – to sort by alphabetical order

classer dans l’ordre numérique – to sort by numerical order

la section adultes/adolescents/enfants – the adult/teenage/children section

les nouveautés – new arrivals

les livres de fiction pour adultes et pour adolescents – fiction books for adults and teenagers

les livres de fantasy – fantasy books

les romans policiers – detective novels

les BD pour adultes et jeunes – comics for adults and youth

les livres de lecture pour enfants – reading books for children

les romans – novels

les romans policiers – detective stories

les romans fantasy – fantasy novels

les livres de science-fiction – sci-fi books

les livres audio – audio books

les contes et légendes – stories and legends

les BDs (bandes dessinées) – comic strip books

les documentaires –  non-fiction books

Let us know below if you are up to the challenge, vous pouvez gagner une carte cadeau Amazon d’une valeur de $100… 😏 (You can win an Amazon gift card worth $100.)

Obtenez tous les détails en allant sur le lien2Obtain all the details by going to the link :


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    Obtain all the details by going to the link
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