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A Whole New Blue World – Aladdin In French Posted by on Jul 24, 2019 in Culture, Music

My love of the great songs from Disney only helps making learning French easier. With the recent release of Aladdin, I had a whole new world of excuses to sing loudly in French!

Image from svgsilh. Licensed under CC0.

Le saviez-vous (fun fact, litterally: did you know?) ? the first movie I ever saw au cinéma (at the movie theater) is Aladdin. Everything about the le filme (the movie) holds a special place in heart, especially les chansons (the songs).

From le Génie (Genie) singing Je suis ton meilleur ami (Friend Like Me) to the unforgettable Prince Ali, it’s nothing but cheerful childhood and nostalgia for me. What’s great about loving these simple songs is that Disney puts a lot of effort into making sure les traductions (the translations) are not only correct, but also sound smooth and poetic in the new language.

To celebrate the recent remake, I couldn’t think of anything better than to share Ce rêve bleu (A Whole New World, litterally: This Blue Dream).

Like with the amazing song from Vaiana (Moana), How Far I’ll Go the song is slightly different from how you remember it. Cependant (however), all the changes make it sound just a little better en français.

Be sure to notice how le bleu (the blue) is used in Ce rêve bleu to evoke a positive emotion like in Le bleu lumière (The Serenity-Blue), which may be surprising for les anglophones (English speakers).

Another interesting note, au Québec the song has a different and more familiar name: Un nouveau monde (A New World).

Sing along to the fun song and have fun with the new release of Aladdin!

Voici la chanson avec les paroles et une traduction anglaise (here’s the song and an English translation):

Ce rêve bleu
This blue dream

Je vais t’offrir un monde,
Aux mille et une splendeurs
Dis-moi, Princesse,
N’as-tu jamais laissé parler ton cœur ?
Je vais ouvrir tes yeux
Aux délices et aux merveilles,
De ce voyage en plein ciel
Au pays du rêve bleu

I will offer you a world,
With one thousand and one splendors.
Tell me, Princess,
Have your ever let your heart speak ?
I will open your eyes,
To the delights and wonders,
Of this journey in the open sky,
In the blue dream land.

Ce rêve bleu,
C’est un nouveau monde en couleur
Où personne ne nous dit
C’est interdit
De croire encore au bonheur !

This blue dream,
It’s a new colorful world
Where no one tells us
It’s forbidden
To still believe in happiness!

Ce rêve bleu,
Je n’y crois pas, c’est merveilleux !
Pour moi, c’est fabuleux
Quand dans les cieux
Nous partageons ce rêve bleu à deux
Nous faisons ce rêve bleu à deux

This blue dream,
I can’t believe it, it’s wonderful!
For me, it’s fantastic
When in the heavens
We both share this blue dream
We both have this blue dream

Sous le ciel de cristal,
Je me sens si légère
Je vire, délire et chavire,
Dans un océan d’étoiles
Ce rêve bleu…
Ne ferme pas les yeux
C’est un voyage fabuleux
Et contemple ces merveilles
Je suis montée trop haut,
Allée trop loin,
Je ne peux plus retourner d’où je viens

Under the crystal sky,
I feel so light
I swing, go crazy, and keel over,
Into an ocean of stars
This blue dream…
Don’t close your eyes
It’s a fantastic journey
And gaze at these wonders
I’ve climbed too high,
Gone too far,
I can’t go back from where I come from

Un rêve bleu
Sur les chevaux du monde
Vers les horizons du bonheur
Dans la poussière d’étoile
La vie contre le temps,
Et vivons ce rêve merveilleux

A blue dream
On the horses of the world
To the horizons of the happiness
In the stardust
Live against time,
And let’s live this wonderful dream.

Ce rêve bleu,
Aux milles nuits,
Qui durera
Pour toi et moi
Toute la vie

This blue dream,
Of thousands of nights,
Which will last
For you and me
Our whole life.

Translation from LyricsTranslate.

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