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French Culture – Retro Pub 3 Posted by on Jul 23, 2019 in Culture, Vocabulary

This week, another commercial from the 80’s. I like commercials because they are short, often have lots of great vocabulary, and can often be like litte stories. This commercial from Volkswagen plays with our expectations with a series of retournements (reversals) and a surprising ending.

Français English
Il a misé un million sur le noir … He bet a million on black …
Le rouge est sorti. And red came up.
Il a épousé une créature de rêve … He married a dream …
Sa vie conjugale est un cauchemar. His married life is a nightmare.
Il a acheté un cheval de course … He bought a racehorse …
Qui n’a jamais gagné. Who has never won.
Mais … il a … une Golf. But … he has (owns) … a Golf.
[Modèle présenté : Golf GTI année modèle 88.] [Model shown : Golf GTI model year 1988.]
On ne peut tout de même pas se tromper tout le temps. One can’t after all always be wrong/be wrong about everything.
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And finally this week … something completely different!

It’s been a while since we talked about Notre-Dame and the fire that destroyed the roof (which is still under investigation and now there are concerns about the potential health implications of all the lead from the roof that melted). Though as I shared a few weeks ago, one firm is already looking to the future. But these two articles I came across recently give you the opportunity to drill in and really see what the fire did to this magnificent old building. Scroll down on this page to see a video from Ouest France or use the interactive sliders on the images from L’Obs to compare the avant et après (before and after) for yourself.

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