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French Culture – Current(ish) Events Posted by on Jun 25, 2019 in Culture, Vocabulary

As you know, I had the great privilege of studying in France au lycée (in high school). I also enjoyed returning during my junior year (3rd year) à l’université (in college*). Reading a recent New York Times article, I learned that that was just one thing I shared with the late Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

This isn’t the first grab bag of news highlights I’ve shared. I always enjoy wrapping up a variety of items that highlight French language and culture like:
My first anniversary as a blogger for Transparent Language,
This more recent review of fun vocabulary and my favorite French podcasts, or
The original potpourri.

Une (deuxième) année en France / A (second) year in France

Like Jackie, my college didn’t offer a study abroad program in France, so I had to turn to another school. I applied to and was lucky enough to be admitted to the Columbia University program in Paris housed at Reid Hall. I wish at the time I’d had some idea of the illustrious history to the lieu (location / site) or of the school’s directrice (director, or principal if speaking about a lower school), Danielle Haase-Dubosc, who made my year so special … but like many jeunes de l’époque (young people of the time) I was oblivious to so much.

Ailleurs à la une / In other news (lit. Elsewhere on page one)

Ça y est! La gite de ma belle-fille est enfin ouverte au public ! (Finally ! My step-daughter’s guest house is open!) As the title of the article says: Et si vous dormiez à l’orée des champs d’hortensias ? (What if you could sleep along fields of hydrangeas?). “C’est désormais possible à Taupont.” (It’s now possible in Taupont.)

While her mother and I separated many years ago, Anne-Laure and her family are still an important part of my family. I am so happy and even a little bit fier (proud) of the success that she et son mari (and her husband) have had developing their business.

Si jamais vous vous trouvez dans le coin, je vous garantis un bon accueil ! (If you are ever in the area, I assure you’ll find a warm welcome!)

Et pour finir / Finally

When the Pyramide du Louvre was opened 30 years ago, many people hated it. Today it is almost as emblematic of Paris (almost!) as the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. It makes me wonder what people would think about such a modern reinterpretation of Notre-Dame following the fire that destroyed the roof il y a plusieurs mois (a few months ago). Personally, I love the idea. Qu’en pensez-vous?

Et … / And …

After I wrapped, I came across two other updates that should be covered. First: Il fait chaud! It is hot! Parts of France are experiencing a heatwave (canicule) … it is so hot that they’re even handing out water in the subway in Paris. And of course, don’t miss the upcoming confrontation entres la France et les Etats-Unis (confrontation between France and the United States) at the Soccer World Cup jeudi (Thursday).

* N’oubliez pas (Don’t forget) that the word college is un faux ami (a false friend) in French. An American college comes after high school (le lycée) while college in French refers to the middle school years between l’école primaire and le lycée.

Image of Paris skyline public domain from Wikimedia Commons.

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