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Aéroports And Avions – Taking A Plane in French Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Vocabulary

Je viens d’arriver aux USA (I just arrived in the USA) and after le long vol (the long flight) from France, with une escale courte (a short layover) in Spain, all I wanted to do was sleep. I’m back to my home state for the first time in a very long time.

Before I got on l’avion (the airplane), I had to find my way to l’aéroport and pay le prix du billet (the fare). Une fois dans l’avion (once I was on the plane), I sat in une place côté couloir (an aisle seat) so I could get up and walk around as much as I wanted, and besides une place côté hublot (a window seat) isn’t worth very much on un vol de nuit (a red eye flight).

Even if it wasn’t un vol de nuit, there’s not much to see au dessus de l’océan Atlantique (over the Atlantic Ocean). I only had une correspondance (one connection) to make, and l’escale wasn’t too longue.

Une fois à la maison (once I was home), I went straight to bed, but because of le décalage horaire (time difference) I ended up waking up much earlier than I would have liked! La fatique à cause du décalage horaire (jetlag) is tough to get over when you move between oceans.

Voici un petit vocubulaire :

Une avion – An airplane
Un aéroport – An airport
Une compagnie aérienne – An airline
Le vol – The flight
Une escale – A layover
Un décalage horaire – A time difference
La fatique à cause du décalage horaire – Jetlag
Une place côte couloir – An aisle seat
Une place côte hublot – A window seat
Un vol de nuit – A red eye flight

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